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Experienced Chiropractor in Laredo, TX

When you need the services of a Laredo, TX, chiropractor, contact the office of Sims Chiropractic Center. Our patients in Laredo, TX, have been visiting our center for their chiropractic needs since 1996. We are a comprehensive center, using the latest types of care to help you manage your aches and pains. Whether you're suffering from a debilitating disease or injuries you received in an accident, our chiropractor is devoted to making you feel better.

Our personalized therapy treatments are designed to fit your unique situation. With over 30 years of experience in this field, you can trust in our chiropractors. We're a family owned and operated center. Fully licensed and insured, we accept most major health insurances and have payment plans available. Your care may consist of muscular and joint condition treatments or the physio therapy modalities that we use here. For your convenience, we have Spanish speaking staff members as well. Our general chiropractic care consists of adjustments and manipulations for the treatment of pain in the following areas:

  • Back
  • Neck
  • Shoulders

Don't delay making an appointment to see a Laredo, TX, chiropractor when Sims Chiropractic Center is available to help you with your chiropractic issues. If you're in Laredo, TX, we offer convenient services in our modern facility. The chiropractor you'll be visiting is devoted to providing excellent patient care and relief from pain. Patients are our number one priority. When you're ready to start feeling much better, we hope you'll come by for a consultation.